Suspension Control Valve

Suspension Control Valve

DACP P/N K864024 COLAS Suspension Control Valve

Haldex P/N 90555270


Our Price$260.83
List Price$475.45

Can be used to manually raise or lower the deck height of a commercial truck or trailer. The COLAS Valve takes the place of many components, fittings and plumbing, and can be used for single and dual suspension valve systems. One valve replaces multiple pilot valves, solenoid and manual valves, and the customary hand valve, eliminating many potential leak points, while providing a simpler installation.

The COLAS Valve can be used in manual mode or can be used with pneumatic reset to ride. The pneumatic reset to ride is accomplished when the supply line pressure to release the spring brakes of the vehicle is charged. When the reset to ride feature is used, the handle will pop out and the vehicle will automatically return to the height dictated by the suspension Height Control Valve(s). This eliminates operator error to reset the valve when the vehicle is moving.

Features and Benefits:

  • Works with Single or Dual Height Control Valves
  • The Valve returns to neutral when released by the operator
  • Manual or automatic return to ride height function, eliminating operator error
  • One component with 3/8" push to connect fittings eliminates complicated plumbing and reduces the potential for leaks
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