Goodyear Air Springs

Goodyear Air Springs

Heavy-duty replacement products.

Air springs for trucks, trailers, buses, and industrial equipment.

Give your trucks, trailers and buses a new high in productivity and longer life with Super-Cushion® air springs. They offer a quiet, cushioned ride and greater comfort, which allows the driver to stay more alert and less fatigued. Truck, trailer and bus bodies last longer because there is less vibration than experienced with steel springs. Plus, cargo has better protection from shock and vibration. When used with leveling valves, Super-Cushion® air springs maintain consistent trim regardless of the load. That means clearance heights remain constant, and trailer floors are flush with loading dock floors. Whenever you want to add an axle, Super-Cushion® air springs fit right in. Choose Goodyear Engineered Products Super-Cushion® air springs for driver comfort, load cushioning, and longer life for your trucks, trailers, buses, and cab and seat springs.


Air Suspension Features and Benefits

Reasons for increased air suspension usage:

  • Suspension manufacturers have built in a greater degree of durability and longer warranty periods
  • Increased need for greater axle excursion

A greater level of isolation:

  • Reduces cab and body damage
  • Reduces downtime, driver fatigue, and extends trailer life

For the owner-operator, air suspension:

  • Improves isolation in both loaded and unloaded conditions
  • Broadens types of load available for transport
  • Provides greater driver comfort

Choose Goodyear Engineered Products Super-Cushion® Air Springs

Worldwide, Veyance Technologies Inc., manufacturer of Goodyear Engineered Products, operates 30 facilities and has approximately 8,500 associates. We have been providing consistent and reliable air springs for applications for over 40 years. Our dedicated team is working very hard to deliver superior quality Super-Cushion® air springs to meet your application needs.

Goodyear Engineered Product Strengths

  • Designed by Experts in Material Development, who are Continuously Improving Air Springs to Operate in the Toughest Conditions Manufactured with Superior Natural Rubber Compound in Industry for Truck Air Springs Air Springs Goodyear Engineered Products Super-Cushion® air springs are superior quality products designed and built for durability, performance, and value. Through strict design parameters, Super-Cushion air springs (air bags) operate dependably in the toughest conditions and in many types of industrial applications. You’ll know you have chosen an air spring brand that you can trust, one that stands for reliability and striving for your complete satisfaction. With quality built into every Super-Cushion air spring (air bags), they are made to last.

Bellows Air Springs

Bellows air springs have one, two or three convolutions in the flexible member. There are two styles of bellows:

  • Crimped design
  • Sleeve type

With the crimped design, the end retainers are permanently attached by mechanically crimping the retainer around the built-in bead wire of the flexible member. Sleeve type bellows offer similar characteristics to the crimped design bellows, but, as with the sleeve type rolling lobe the flexible member is constructed without internally molded bead wires. The end retainers are permanently attached by pinching the flexible member between the end retainers and external crimp rings which are then swaged to the proper diameter. Sleeve type bellows offer the lowest force to compress of any type of air spring.

Rolling Lobe Air Springs

Rolling lobe air springs incorporate a piston which allows the flexible member to roll along the piston’s surface. Typical applications for rolling lob air springs are:

  • Ride spring for trucks, trailers, and buses
  • Actuators and isolators for industrial applications

Super-Cushion® Air Springs give your trucks, trailers and buses a new high in productivity and long life. The rolling lobe Air Springs provide constant-level hauling, and deliver trouble-free service.

Sleeve Air Springs

Sleeve air springs employ a flexible member without an internally molded bead. The flexible member is attached to the end retainers by pinching the material between the end retainers and exterior crimp rings which are then swaged to the proper diameter. Sleeve air springs are typically used in applications such as:

  • Ride spring for passenger cars and trucks
  • Isolators for truck cab suspensions
  • Seat springs (cab springs) for trucks and buses
  • Actuators and isolators for industrial applications

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Below is only a partial listing of our Goodyear Air Springs. Please call or email us for price and availability of other part numbers.

P/N: K868013
Product: Bellows
Goodyear: 2B9-201
Firestone: 6935
Price: $127.86
P/N: K868014
Product: Bellows
Goodyear: 2B9-206
Firestone: 6905
Price: $131.89
P/N: K868018
Product: Bellows
Goodyear: 2B9-229
Firestone: 6897
Price: $123.54
P/N: K868038
Product: Bellows
Goodyear: 2B10-226
Firestone: 7795
Price: $118.97
P/N: K868043
Product: Bellows
Goodyear: 2B12-309
Firestone: 7400
Price: $101.21
P/N: K868052
Product: Bellows
Goodyear: 2B12-406
Firestone: 7410
Price: $102.04
P/N: K868056
Product: Bellows
Goodyear: 2B12-425
Firestone: 7180
Price: $129.66
P/N: K868068
Product: Bellows
Goodyear: 2B14-360
Firestone: 7135
Price: $146.34
P/N: K868081
Product: Bellows
Goodyear: 3B12-312
Firestone: 8033
Price: $180.12
P/N: K868151
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R12-069
Firestone: 9069
Price: $129.02
P/N: K868178
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R12-303
Firestone: 5779
Price: $131.78
P/N: K868208
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R12-432
Price: $152.09
P/N: K868242
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R12-538
Firestone: 9648
Price: $121.46
P/N: K868263
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R12-615
Firestone: 8829
Price: $129.31
P/N: K868285
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R13-118
Firestone: 9262, 9580
Price: $161.83
P/N: K868286
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R13-119
Firestone: 9270
Price: $143.82
P/N: K868289
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R13-130
Firestone: 8729
Price: $164.11
P/N: K868294
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R13-159
Firestone: 8709, 8751
Price: $146.44
P/N: K868296
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R13-177
Firestone: 8708
Price: $174.66
P/N: K868330
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R14-171
Firestone: 8091
Price: $173.51
P/N: K868338
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S3-013
Firestone: 3000, 3001
Price: $27.06
P/N: K868355
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S5-006
Firestone: 7017
Price: $54.60
P/N: K868357
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S5-038
Firestone: 7081
Price: $31.40
P/N: K868358
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S5-040
Firestone: 7087
Price: $26.96
P/N: K868371
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S5-175
Price: $42.26
P/N: K868378
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S6-641
Price: $41.48
P/N: K868011
Product: Bellows
Goodyear: 2B8-550
Firestone: 7325
Price: $109.58
P/N: K868311
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R14-039
Firestone: 8050
Price: $162.77
P/N: K868295
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R13-176
Firestone: 8713
Price: $178.84
P/N: K868259
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R12-603
Firestone: 9780, 9781
Price: $149.35
P/N: K868195
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R12-375
Firestone: 9265
Price: $155.95
P/N: K868200
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R12-401
Firestone: 9371
Price: $133.60
P/N: K868234
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R12-508
Firestone: 8204
Price: $134.29
P/N: K868239
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R12-532
Firestone: 9935
Price: $149.48
P/N: K868380
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S5-005
Firestone: 6899
Price: $47.15
P/N: K868237
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R12-523
Price: $135.40
P/N: K868141
Product: Rolling Lobe
Goodyear: 1R11-221
Firestone: 9622, 9675
Price: $139.67
P/N: K868372
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S5-176
Price: $43.44
P/N: K868347
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S4-067
Firestone: 7007
Price: $29.20
P/N: K868381
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S5-186
Price: $44.53
P/N: K868377
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S6-055
Price: $28.75
P/N: K868339
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S4-007
Firestone: 7001, 7002, 7031
Price: $65.46
P/N: K868349
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S4-123
Price: $27.13
P/N: K868360
Product: Sleeve
Goodyear: 1S5-055
Price: $28.20
P/N: K868387
Product: Bellows
Goodyear: 1B6-530
Price: $102.00
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