Leveling or Height Control Valve

Leveling or Height Control Valve

DACP P/N K864028 CR HCV with Dump Valve

Haldex P/N 90554971


Our Price$97.95
List Price$176.90

Includes: Height Control Valve (90054007) with N/O (apply pressure to dump) Dump Valve (90554335); Short Lever Arm, 1/4" & 3/8" Tube Compression Fittings.

Supply Port: (1) Various Fittings

Suspension Port: (1) Various Fittings

Delay: Short

Dump: N/O (Requires Pressure to activate Dump). Attached not integral.

Dump Pilot Port: 1/8" NPT

Lever Arm: 4" (Short only)

Application: Truck, and Trailer.

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