Height Control Celebrates 50th Anniversary

January 2 2010

January, 2010

GRAPHIC: 50th Anniversary50th Year of Continuous Product Offering

The King of the Road line of Height Control and Leveling Valve Products enters its 50th year of continuous production in the Miami Valley. Originally known as The Delco Valve, the products were manufactured at the Delco Products Division in Kettering until 1981. At that time production was transitioned into the Crowe Manufacturing facility just miles away.

Since its inception these products were some of the best in the industry and though copied by domestic and later foreign competitors, have never been successfully duplicated. The products have been used in automotive, truck, bus and industrial applications.

Alex Sirum GMC Motorhomes Inc. Added to List of Independent Distributors

A complete GMC Motor home maintenance facility specializing in only the Classic TZE "Class A" factory built motor homes from the 70's. Their shop is equipped with all the parts, tools, and expertise needed to repair, maintain, and customize your GMC.


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