Exhibitor at Expedite Expo

November 25 2014

July 2014

DAYTON, OH: Dayton Air Control Products exhibited Air Suspension Components at the 14th Annual Expedite Expo, held at the Roberts Convention Center in Wilmington, Ohio.



Thanks Willie, My h (11/12/2015 10:19:00 PM)
Thanks Willie, My husnand is tniakg treatment now for Hep C he got in bootcamp 1977 ORLFL Has medical records to prove he was in the hospital in bootcamp with non A and non B then some BS of a result. It's the Goverment. It seems this is only related to enlisted men. Can't find any information that they are ill ? I need some cheese for my wine because all that he is going through I feel punished. Maybe (we)ha should write a song Willie,with your buddie Toby for the cause I'm creative when my mind is right. He is waiting on the VA now to see what they have to say. This is a Huge Coverup. Huge Coverup by the USA. Any way thanks for caring we are all SOUL'S having a human experinces. Life is not easy.

Vitaly - 2tFXuLAu
Shout out to Willie (11/14/2015 5:32:00 AM)
Shout out to Willie for his attention. To the point. I have read HR2552 and I have read CDC off Center This bill gives more power and money to an<a href="http://bvieoik.com"> oagrnization</a> riddled with ineptitude. I requested discussion with the CDC to help dispel or account for a few issues mentioned in CDC off Center. My emails were not returned.I talked to a director for one HIV program operating under grant funds from the CDC. They said, The CDC rocks. They know we're not supposed to be doing what we're doing and they look the other way Demand for research and advocacy dollars is needed. I guess HR2552 is some kind of start. Watch them closely.A website with a fun way to help raise awareness is linked to my statementPeaceWillis

Frank - Lm0UeLhdnH
Howdy Willie I sure (11/14/2015 12:20:00 PM)
Howdy Willie I sure appreciate you diwrang attention to the needs of those of us infected with HCV and trying to put a stop to the spread of this damnable virus. Unfortunately your best laid plans are going to do very little by way of HR2552 to do either. HR2552 is just another cleverly disguised motion to throw millions of dollars into a bottomless pit and in return HCV is going to get very little notice and even less productive action.Please visit our site HCVets.com, look around and understand that we are in this fight together to combat the spread of HCV and the help each other live with HCV. And collectively we understand that HR2552 is of very little value in this fight.Thank you. http://lxkioioirj.com [url=http://wwhuhu.com]wwhuhu[/url] [link=http://rxhyhzobqd.com]rxhyhzobqd[/link]

Basma - bnM5iCl9PC
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