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Gregoagerunk - Croatia
Hi Chris loving yo (11/25/2015)
Hi Chris loving your blog. Seems like it's moslty women who are responding to your comments and sending their encouragement. True?Anyway, bear with me here as I appear to digress, but then double back: About 3 weeks ago I read a review in This Week magazine about a book called Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail about a young woman in her mid-twenties named Cheryl Strayed whose mom died horribly of cancer at only 45 years old. During the next two years the author's life unravelled, her marriage ended, she dabbled in heroin and finally, on a sudden whim, she decided to walk the PCT to shed the pain and get her will to live back. I made a note to possibly order that book. Then, when out with some women friends here in Ojai (after seeing a show, of course) the conversation somehow landed on that particular book which Leslie Paxton had just read and loved! She lent it to me and I've begun reading it AND your blog within the last two days. I find it fascinating that two BIG pilgrimages into nature, on two very difficult trails one east coast and one west have entered my personal world at the same moment. I hope you find it very encouraging that her book is a big seller! So, walk, think, breathe, cry, dream, sing and WRITE! We're with ya, and look forward to the mythic chronicle sure to be born. Now, over to Kickstarter. Hugs. http://bshsrza.com [url=http://tqjtdxczsqy.com]tqjtdxczsqy[/url] [link=http://dgschls.com]dgschls[/link]

Luning - gL2Xvjqi
There's a lot of emp (11/23/2015)
There's a lot of emphasis on <a href="http://kcpxbbrrk.com">denifing</a> things which, for me and most everyone else, narrows them down into an uncomfortable space to try and fit into. With words, more than anything, I am (we are) creating a space that is uniquely personal; extremely intimate, and freeing. A free space to express and let our hands dance and paint with words. The last thing I want or need is someone scholar or otherwise telling me how it does not meet certain qualifications, or the numerous ways in which it fails to be, definably, a Poem. When I was in Grade 6 I wrote a poem for language arts class. My teacher showed the principal, and he was so impressed that he paid me $5 for it! That was the only time, other than one or two on the blog recently, that I've showed my poetry to anyone (and that was involuntary). Let's all lift the curtain of timidity and shame and not-good-enoughness and share our dances. It is an incredibly brave and liberating gesture toward our deepest selves to share our writing. I say WRITE. And be free. THanks for this post Joanna. Awesome.

Denise - WR89KAolNN
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